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4 How to Read People Like a Book よりー1

少しずつ選んでご紹介します。これはMurray Oxmanという高名なストレス専門家で、ラジオやテレビでもよくゲスト出演しているそうです。私の下手な訳で意味が変わるといけないので、英語のままでご紹介します。平易な英語で書かれています。

Please Yourself: Trying to please others will get you nothing but anxiety, nervousness, and scorn. Please your True Self and you receive the inner- riches of a nice, relaxed, donfident life.

Feeling sad: Some people get a false thrill out of feeling sorry for themselves. Plus they want others to join in by feeling sorry for them or for themselves. Feeling sorry and feeling bad are one and the same. Neither does anything but cause pain and suffering. Don't get drawn into this trap. Cheerfulness is a healthy alternative.

Priorities: You can tell a lot about people by observing what their priorities are. Not what they say they are, but what you observe them to be. Then after observing, decide if he or she is the kind of person you want to associate with.
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